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Did you know that the magic is in the kitchen?


When it comes to weight loss, exercise helps but it is your diet that will do most of the trick. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that body fat fluctuates according to the amount of calories you take in in relation to the number of calories that you burn.

A lot has been said about diet & nutrition and I’m not here trying to re-invent the wheel.  As a food lover I understand the difficulties in sticking to a good healthy diet but this is a habit just like brushing your teeth.  I don’t personally believe in crash diets.  There are so many theories and so many different unrealistic ways to lose weight it’s not surprising that people find them hard to stick to them.  Crash diets DO NOT work.  They may do in the short term but unless you are prepared to stick to them for the rest of your life you will not have long term results. 


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Instead, I strongly believe that the gradual changing of your eating habits is a more sustainable approach. Yet, this is a process and sometimes a long one and it takes courage and determination to overcome several physical and emotional barriers.

There are three main factors when it comes to weight (fat) loss:

1) What you are eating?

2) How much you are eating?

3) When you are eating? 

Based on these I will make suggestions.

Combining a good diet plan with exercise is the perfect combo for good results. There are two types of exercises that can help increase your metabolic rate  (the number of calories your body burns even at rest): cardio (interval training) and resistance training (increasing muscle mass).  Note that exercise alone will not address those stubborn places where the fat seems to concentrate. 100 sit-ups everyday will NOT help you get a flat tummy unless you change your eating habits. Your body is like a swimming pool where the water represents the body fat.  When you empty a swimming pool, the water goes from the shallow end first and  the deep end last.  The same occurs with the body where some body parts (usually either tummy or thighs) are the last ones to give up their fat during a weight loss program.  The deep ends and shallow ends are determined by your genetic make-up, something that cannot be changed. 

Time and discipline are often as big a barriers as willpower. Eating healthy requires planning and time for preparation and if these are your barriers then you may wish to try the delicious meals prepared by Fresh Fitness Food.  Whatever your goals and dietary requirements FFF will offer a bespoke meal plan and deliver it to your doorstep.


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