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If you are new to exercise then my profile is probably going to make you feel better.  As an ex-exercise hater I can say that I have been at both ends of the spectrum.  I lived a very sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle up until my late 20s.  I was pretty much over-weight a great part of my life trying new diets every Monday and of course, back to normal by Tuesday.

How did I get into fitness?

In 1997 I started a new job in a leading investment bank in the City. My job was very demanding requiring me to work extremely long hours so my weight started to go up by the day.  After a few weeks my weight hit what I considered 'the limit'.

Since the bank offered the best corporate gym in London at the time I felt obliged to join and take advantage of such an amazing facility.  It also represented an opportunity for me to get away from my desk without resorting to comfort eating at the most impressive staff restaurant.

Of course, my initial visits to the gym were more of a dreadful experience but less so as it became more of a habit.  After a few weeks I actually started to enjoy exercising and found myself looking forward to it.  When I started to notice the changes in my body this routine turned into an addiction and I automatically started to eat better.

Then I became pregnant and although I continued exercising and felt good with not pregnancy discomforts at all, as a food lover I am, I let myself go after the 6th month under the pretext of “having to eat for two!” . This went a bit too far and I gained approximately 5 stones (30 kgs) leaving me with a size 22 waist even three months after giving birth.  Yet, I lost it all within a year going down to size 10 with a nice 6 pack! 

This story repeated itself less than 3 years later with my second child! 

Fitness is my passion and so is helping others, reason for which I I decided to turn it into a career in 2009.

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2018 - Active IQ Level 4 Low Back Pain Management

2018 - YMCA Level 3 Exercise Referral

2016 - Rehab Fx

2016 - Resistance Training Specialist (RTS) - Lower Extremeties

2014 - Masterclass Rehab

2014 - Kickboxercise Instructor

2014 - Boxercise Instructor

2012 - Rehab Trainer

2011 - Pre/Post-Natal (L3)

2009 - Core Stability

2009 - YMCA Personal Trainer Award (L3)



2015 - Zumba Toning

2014 - Zumba Glutes

2013 - Zumba Core

2013 - Zumba Sentao

2010 - Zumba Instructor

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