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Do you get out of breath easily?


Have you ever had to run upstairs and been out of breath with shaken legs when you reach the top? How about running for the bus and feeling that your heart is about to explode?


If your answer is yes then its time to take up some form of cardio-vascular exercises.  These don’t have to be extremely strenuous to start with.  The intensity depends pretty much on the individual’s fitness level.  For those who are very de-conditioned, some form of gentle interval training (where the heart rate is raised several times with recovery periods in between) can be beneficial and the start of a good CV fitness programme.


Cardio-Vascular refers to heart and lungs and cardio-respiratory fitness refers to the ability to take in, transport an utilise oxygen. Interval training forces your system to improve this process.  The heart is a muscle and like any other muscle its fitness can be improved by taking it out of its comfort zone and the way to achieve this is through a consistent CV training programme.


I like to include some form of CV training during my sessions.  However, the length and intensity depends on several variables and preferences.  I can be a walking / running partner or I can give you a programme for you to follow at your own time and use the sessions to concentrate on core, resistance training and flexibility.  Your call!


Alternatively you can join any of my Zumba classes which it’s a fun way of getting fit.  Zumba is a dance/ fitness programme where it combines dancing with fitness.  Every class feels like a party and you will come out not only with a big smile on your face but feeling like you’ve had a good workout too.

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